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Rose Day 2021: Rose Day first day of valentine week 2021


Rose Day roses are the best gift for your wife, husband, boyfriend, girlfriend & beloved.

Valentine s day 14th February, a day for loved ones is celebrated as VALENTINE’S DAY across the country as the feast of Saint Valentine. People often share flowers, gifts, and chocolates with their loved ones. This day is marked as a symbol of love when he or she expresses their immense love toward each other.
Rose day is the first day of valentine week. people celebrate this day with full excitement, love, and joy.


Rose Day Wishes

  • May the passion in our relationship be like the red rose. Happy Rose Day to the most beautiful rose.
  • Red is not just a color. Instead, it is the epitome of passion. I wish, our love remains as intense as the red roses. Happy Rose day!
  • To the girl, I love the most. Happy and lovely rose day!
  • Happy rose day to the rose that can breathe, smile and can be loved for life. You know how much I love!
    And I thought my proposal would have champagne and solitaire but then I ended up thinking to just give a rose because a rose says it all. Happy rose day darling!
  • Just as long as I could hold you I would always want to hold a beautiful rose given by me. Happy rose day beautiful!
  • You are as soft as the rose petals; your skin is as smooth as the rose. For my one and only, happy rose day!
  • Let this second pause and I hold you in my arms when you hold that rose. Happy rose that baby!
  • Red or yellow, white or pink; Baby you are my everything. All the roses to you because I Find everything in you. Happy Rose Day!
  • You give me the kind of softness I need in my hard struggles, Baby you give me the best cuddles. A rose for bringing the best in me. Happy Rose Day!
  • You are as soft as the rose petals, for your beautiful heart I have a beautiful rose. Happy rose Day!
  • Some feelings can’t be told, but I want to share something that I have hold; this red rose is for you to let your heart mold, Baby let’s together get old. Happy Rose Day!
    My heart beats for only one girl in this world and that is you. Happy Rose Day, honey!
  • Even a thousand red roses are no match to your beauty. Happy Rose Day, babes
  • You have filled my life with the fragrance of your love. Wishing you a happy Rose Day!
  • A garden without a rose is just barren land and so is my life without you. Happy Rose Day!
  • Love is in the air, so gift your girl a rose and tell her that you really love her. Happy Rose Day!
  • You Love is as beautiful as the prettiest rose in the world. Happy Rose Day!
  • May God make your life as beautiful as these bunch of red roses. Happy Rose Day, dear!


  • God is happy with me, that I why he sent you in this world to love me. Happy Rose Day!


  • A wonderful woman like you deserves an awesome gift. So, on this Rose Day, I am gifting you a beautiful bunch of Red Roses. Happy Rose Day, sweetheart.
    Red is the colour of love, so I am presenting you a red rose to tell you how much I love you. Happy Rose Day!
  • Sending a beautiful rose to a gorgeous woman like you. Happy Rose Day, sweetheart
    Just like a rose fills the air with its fragrance, you have filled my life with love and joy. Happy Rose Day, dear!
  • A single rose can spread fragrance in the whole room just like you alone bring enormous happiness to my life. Love you, darling. Happy Rose Day!
  • Sending you lots of roses for signifying my never-ending love for you. Love you!……… Happy Rose Day!
  • Not every flower except a rose can express my love for you. Sending a bunch of roses for my beloved….
    Happy Rose Day!


  • You are a Rose of My Dream,
    You are a Rose of My Heart,
    You are a Rose of My Smile,
    You are a Rose of My Life…


  • Roses know the language of love,
    What we cannot speak, roses say.
    Take this rose as a gesture of my love,
    Wishing you a Happy Rose Day!
  • This Rose Day, I pray to God that the thorns on your life’s path be vanished and it is filled with the beautiful petals of love, blessings and friendship. Happy Rose Day, sweetheart!
    When I looked at the red roses and you, I found that you are the most beautiful creation of God. Happy Rose Day, my girlfriend!
    People are lucky who are blessed with true love in their life… I am one of them. Happy Rose Day, darling!
  • बड़े ही नाजुक से पली हो तुम,
    इसलिए तोह गुलाब की कली हो तुम
    जिसे मिलने की बेकरारी सताए,
    दिल में आने वाली खलबली हो तुम!!! रोज डे मुबारक हो
  • There is no feeling for soothing and comforting than having the love of your life beside you. I love you, sweetie. Happy Rose Day!
    Roses are timeless just like my love for you, sweetheart. Happy Rose Day, my GF!
  • फूल खिलते रहे आपकी ज़िन्दगी की राहो में,
    हंसी चमकती रहे आपकी निगाहों में
    कदम कदम पर मिले खुशियाँ आपको,
    दिल देता हैं यही दुआ बार बार आपको!


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