How To play Tag After School Step BY Step Process

To play Tag After School, follow these steps:

  1. Install the Game: Download and install Tag After School from the respective app stores for Android or iOS devices. Ensure that your device meets the game’s system requirements.
  2. Launch the Game: Open the game on your device by tapping on its icon. Wait for the game to load and access the main menu.
  3. Start a New Game: Select “New Game” from the main menu to begin your adventure. You will be introduced to the protagonist, Shota-kun, and the haunting school setting.
  4. Explore the School: Use on-screen controls or gestures to navigate Shota-kun through the dark corridors and rooms of the abandoned school. The flashlight is your primary tool to light up your surroundings. Swipe or tap the screen to direct the flashlight’s beam.
  5. Interact with the Environment: Examine objects, open doors, and interact with various elements in the environment. Some objects may provide clues or items that can aid you on your journey. Tap on interactive objects to interact with them.
  6. Beware of Ghosts and Creatures: While exploring, be cautious of the ghosts and creatures that inhabit the school. Some are friendly and may assist you, while others are hostile and pose a threat. Use your keen observation skills and avoid being detected by them.
  7. Solve Puzzles: Throughout the game, you will encounter puzzles that need to be solved to progress. Pay attention to the details and clues within the environment. Use your problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles and unlock new areas.
  8. Collect Items: Search for items scattered throughout the school. These items can range from health potions to weapons that can aid your survival. Collect and manage your inventory wisely to maximize your chances of success.
  9. Upgrade Skills: As you progress, you may have opportunities to upgrade Shota-kun’s skills. Enhance his abilities to improve his chances of surviving encounters with hostile entities.
  10. Survive and Uncover the Story: Continue exploring the haunted school, surviving encounters, and solving puzzles to unravel the dark secrets that lie within. Immerse yourself in the gripping narrative of Tag After School 

Remember, Tag After School contains mature content, so exercise caution and ensure its appropriateness for your age and preferences.

Enjoy the suspenseful adventure that awaits you in Tag After School, and may you survive the chilling horrors of the haunted school.

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