The Top Things to Do in Ramanagara


Ramanagara is famous for its numerous natural areas as well as traditional crafts and arts as well as artificial resorts. It is near to Karnataka’s capital, Karnataka which is about 50 km away. The most sought-after activities to enjoy in Ramanagara include hill treks, Shilhaandara resort, Channapatna toys, sericulture and others. It is possible to plan a full trip starting from Hill hiking to accommodation simply by spending time on your vacation time. Here are some fascinating facts regarding Ramanagara and the activities you can do in Ramanagara.

Srirevana Siddeshwara Hills

It is located in the Srirevana Siddeshwara Hills approximately 60 km from Bangalore. It’s a relatively short hike which is suitable for those who are just beginning. You can utilize the railings on both sides during your hike. The climb to the top is about 30-40 minutes. The Hills are the residence of Siddeshwara, who is an embodiment of Jagadguru Renukacharya. It is recommended to consider hiking this hill without shoes. It is also possible to do this with kids but they must not become too excited when they are trekking. It’s a long climb over time. When you climb you can see many primate species, along with other birds and animals. There are two temples that have huge bells which are located on the highest point of the hill. named in honor of Rudramuneshwar or Siddarameshwar, the principal deity. Combining countryside and nature, the view from the top of the Hills is impressive and refreshing.


Ramanagara Hill Trek

It’s also known as Sholay Hills as the 1975 film Sholay which was shot in the area and earned the area its name. It has a stand to assist with the ticket collection. Here you need to first purchase tickets before you begin the journey. You can then head to the parking area. The steps of a temple throughout will greet you at the Hills following this. To get to Srirama Temple Srirama Temple, you will require at least 400 steps. However, it’s a lot of fun to climb the steps and also the smaller temples that remain along the way up the hill. These tiny temples signify that the route to the top begins from this point. The view of the beautiful scenery from different perspectives of the trek. When you get to the top’s closest point, you can use the railings for climbing up. While it may appear terrifying from the bottom due to its incline however, it is thrilling and exciting for you to ascend it. You’ll be amazed by the breathtaking views as you climb to the summit of Ramanagara Hill.


Shilhaandara Resort

It is located in Ramanagara just 55 km away from Bangalore and located near the bottom of the Ramanagara Rocks. The name refers to the Rock Cavern, which you will discover the moment you step into the resort. It’s a blend of nature and culture that is a testament to the culture and customs of South Indian rulers. There are also indoor and outdoor games that are suited to the player in you. You’ll be enthralled and satisfied by the dance and an extremely long zipline in the region that will take you through the forest offering you the experience of flying as birds. It’s the perfect spot to escape the bustle of the city and live the good life.


Channapatna Toys

This is located within Karnataka’s Ramanagara District and is well-known for its wooden toys. It also has it’s GI Tag, indicating its specificity. It’s also known under its title Gombegala Ooru (“Toy-town”) due to the distinctive manufacturing process used for the toys. There are several factories that make toys in the region. To create the toys, you must first get the wood from the region, then prepare the wood, and then cut it into the shapes and sizes you want. They are cut and trimmed and then colored into toys. The finished result will surprise you to see sparkling toys created by human hands that have been squandered. Since these toys are painted using vegetable extracts, they contain no harmful components and are suitable for children. Therefore, do explore the area to look for toys that bring back memories of the past and your childhood.



Mekedatu in Kannada refers to “the leap of a goat” and, as per the myth, the story goes that a goat was pursued by a tiger when it took an attempt to leap over the valley. Then the goat was freed from the tiger because it was unable to pursue it further. Mejedatu is located 100 km from Bangalore and is located in the deep gorge valley where the river Kaveri flows into this region. In Monsoon it is possible to observe the flow of water that is quite powerful. It is also possible to arrange an extensive tour that includes Chunchi Fall, Sangama, and Mekedatu. They are only two miles from the region.


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